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One of the most important aspects of a successful, loving relationship is that both partners know, without question, that they're being supported. If your guy has a new idea for something he wants to try career wise or if he approaches you with a far away adventure vacation idea, support him. Let him know that you love hearing his ideas and be just as excited about them as he is. He needs this more than you know. It's so detrimental to a relationship when one partner shoots down the other's ideas by calling them silly or unrealistic. Words of encouragement are what men like to hear. He needs to know that you believe in him, forever and always.


Of all the nerve-wracking events you can go through in life, a first date with someone new (hopefully someone you're really attracted to as well!) has got to be in the top ten (along with public speaking!). Chances are, while you are on that date, you'll be nervous as hell no matter how laid back you are normally. If you are a clean freak, you'll probably be checking your teeth out to make sure there isn't any broccoli stuck between them (even though you've only had ice cream on the date).

This article will outline some basics for the first date and how to have a good chance of a successful date. It's outlined in a series of rules, so do yourself a favour and follow them all!

On the first date, you should do an activity that you honestly enjoy. If you choose an activity that you hate but you think your date will enjoy, your body language may give up the ruse you are trying to pull. However, if you do something you like, your attitude will be great without you worrying about it (honesty, anyone?), and you won't come across as a little sulk! Also, if you follow this rule, at least one person will be having a good time on the date. Don't like Chinese food? Well, don't eat it!


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